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With a game-changing FinOps enablement solution that engages engineers, and leverages cloud management and resource sharing for complete transparency and huge cost savings

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Is your team challenged by getting engineers to take action?

Research shows that getting engineers to take action on cost opportunities is the most difficult challenge for companies, as they are not accustomed to considering spend and have other priorities. That’s where we come in. OptScale enables companies to realize FinOps adoption potential by engaging engineers in FinOps and cost savings. They can even send commands and receive alerts via Slack, so they don’t have to learn to use yet another tool.

OptScale enables you to create budgets, and assign specific resources, or whole clusters to individual engineers. You can set TTL rules, and your engineers will be notified when the TTL is expired, so they can optimize resources.

What are the top challenges faced by FinOps teams?

* FinOps Report, 2021

Getting engineers to take action on cost optimization
Dealing with shared company costs
Making sure that forecasting is accurate

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Shared cloud resources are no longer a concern

With OptScale, you benefit from a simple mechanism to visualize and plan shared resource usage. Your engineers schedule resource acquisition, acquire and release a resource or cluster. You can set a limit to define how many engineers are able to use the same resources concurrently.

You get an overview of how your resources and clusters are used, so you can significantly improve resource lifecycle and sizing.

Keys to success with cloud cost management and optimization

Navigating cloud cost management as spending increases is a huge challenge for companies today. Developing a strategy early on is key. OptScale provides dozens of cloud cost optimization scenarios, and enables a deep dive into cloud spending, by analyzing cloud usage patterns and offering a toolset for the entire FinOps team and engineers.

You can use OptScale as your sole cloud cost management tool, or in combination with other tools.

Your R&D team thinks in clusters and so do we

Speaking engineer’s language is key to engaging them. 

With OptScale, you can speak their language. Monitor and manage resource groups such as; clusters, jobs, application kubernetes clusters, and others. Define resource owners, visualize expenses, and share clusters with other engineers easily.

Provision resources and avoid expenses

OptScale tracks cloud regions & availability and provides an API to recommend the best resource configuration for automated jobs and scripts. Integrate with your current automation, and leverage spot and reserved instances. Your resources will be provisioned in the optimal cloud region, from a price and performance perspective.

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