Technical due diligence and sanity check

Run an automated due diligence of a product architecture, infrastructure, CI/CD flow, Dev & QA techniques, and R&D team maturity
Technical due diligence

For VCs – to run an automated technical due diligence

To identify bottleneck

For startups – to identify


For enterprises – to perform
M&A audit

For VCs - to run an automated technical due diligence

OptScale helps early-stage VCs and angel investors estimate startup potential by performing an automated technical due diligence. Check source code quality, product architecture & scalability, infrastructure reliability and efficiency in a private report to avoid potential risks on the initial stage. During the automated audit and due diligence OptScale identifies inefficient technological and architecture decisions that might be a bottleneck that prevents startups from growth.

Auto tech due diligence

How to run automated technical audit & due diligence

Identify bottlenecks with OptScale

For startups - to identify bottlenecks

OptScale assists startups in improving technical decisions by identifying bottlenecks and provides a list of recommendations. Automated technical audit and due diligence help companies avoid inefficient IT infrastructure, bad product architecture and technology decisions that could lead to product release delays and increase the cost of delivery.

An example of technical due diligence and audit report

For enterprises - to perform M&A audit

OptScale assists with conducting comprehensive IT due diligence in an M&A (mergers and acquisitions) process to early capture red flags and identify weak points or better synergies. A transparent view on product quality, IT infrastructure efficiency and team experience are available with OptScale technical due diligence without outsourcing experts. Detailed reports shed light on core metrics and ensure informed decision-making while performing M&A.


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