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Technical whitepapers

Customer PoC onboarding guide for VMware (cloud migration)

Hystax Acura starter pack VMware cloud migration

Please perform the following steps in order to run migration for a PoC or, later, in production.

1. Prepare for a deployment

Create a security group allowing the following traffic:

• Hystax Acura host:

    • • Ingress – udp/12201
      • Ingress – tcp/4443
      • Ingress – tcp/443
• Hystax Cloud Agent (downloaded from Acura Control Panel and deployed from an OVA template on the target ESXi host or vCenter Cluster)
    • • Ingress – tcp/80
      • Ingress – tcp/3260
      • Ingress – tcp/15000
      • Egress – tcp/443 (from Cloud Agent to ESXi/vCenter)
      • Egress – tcp/udp 902 (from Cloud Agent to ESXi host)
Prepare networks in advance to be used by Hystax Acura

2. Download Hystax Acura

3. Deploy Hystax Acura

Please unzip the archive from Step 2 and upload the image to the target cloud. Create a machine from this image with the following flavor: 8 vCPUs, 16Gb RAM, and 200Gb disk.

Please find the instruction to go through the initial configuration below:


4. Getting started with Hystax Acura

After you have gone through the initial configuration, you will be taken to the page where you will need to enter the login and the password for the user created during the initial configuration. After that, you will be redirected to the partner page. To start using Acura, you will need to add a new Customer as described below:


Please read this document Step-by-Step Guide, describing the full flow – from machine replication to finalizing migration or use the detailed description for each point below.

5. Download and install a replication agent

Please read the instructions below, download the agent for the respectful operating system and install it (external agent type).

Download and install replication agents

Or use the internal Replication Agent specific for VMware:

How to download and install VMware replication agent (HVRAgent)

6. Proceed with replication

Once a replication agent is installed, the machine can actually be replicated:

Replicate a machine (video instruction)

Replicate new machines (product documentation)

7. Create migration plans

Choose one machine or several machines for which you need to generate a migration plan. Specify the necessary settings when creating the migration plan. You can use the instructions below:

Create a migration plan (video guide)

Create a migration plan (product documentation)

8. Perform migration

Migration is achieved by creating a Cloud Site with a copy of the source machine that will run in a target cloud. You can use the instructions below:

Create a Cloud site (video guide)

Create a Cloud site (product documentation)

9. Supported clouds and platforms

supported cloud platforms

To run ML/AI or any workload with optimal performance and infrastructure cost with OptScale – a FinOps and MLOps open source platformcontact us today.

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