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Enhancing ML/AI resource management with Hystax OptScale Power Schedules

Hystax is pleased to announce the release of the Hystax OptScale Power Schedules feature, a new addition to our MLOps platform designed to provide enhanced control over IT resource utilization across multiple cloud service providers.

In our ongoing efforts to improve cloud efficiency and management, we identified a recurring need among our customers for a more structured approach to controlling their IT resources. Cloud cost optimization is a significant challenge for many organizations, as idle instances lead to unnecessary expenditure. Moreover, managing power states manually is not scalable, especially for enterprises with extensive cloud footprints across different providers.

Optimizing cloud resources with Power Schedules

The Power Schedules feature was developed in response to constantly increasing cloud transparency and optimization challenges. It addresses the following key objectives:

Cost optimization

Customers can significantly reduce their cloud spending by allowing the scheduled shutdown of instances when not in use.

Automated efficiency

Automating starting and stopping instances removes the risk of human error and the burden of manual management, thereby increasing operational efficiency.

Cross-platform consistency

With a single solution that works across multiple cloud platforms, customers have a consistent and streamlined experience, no matter where their resources are hosted.

Resource optimization

Ensuring resources are used only when needed aligns with financial efficiency goals.

Free cloud cost optimization & enhanced ML/AI resource management for a lifetime

Feature overview

Critical capabilities of Power Schedules:

Instance schedule assignment

Each instance can have its power schedule or share the schedule with others.

Daily operation

Schedules operate daily, performing both power off and power on actions for each instance on schedule.

Comprehensive platform support

Unified feature support is available across AWS, MS Azure, GCP, and Alibaba.

Configuring the Power Schedules feature

To configure Power Schedules:

1. Access the Power Schedules section within the OptScale console.

2. Select ‘Add’ to initiate a new schedule setup.

3. Input the relevant details, including the schedule name, activation times, deactivation times, and the applicable time zone.

4. Set optional start and end dates for the schedule’s duration.

5. Finalize the schedule creation with the ‘Create’ option.

Closing thoughts

Introducing Power Schedules is a testament to Hystax OptScale‘s dedication to continuous improvement and responsiveness to customer needs. With this new feature, we are excited to help our ML companies achieve greater operational efficiency, cost savings, and resource optimization across their multi-cloud environments.

We understand that effective cloud resource management is crucial for today’s businesses, and we are committed to providing the tools that empower them to succeed. We invite our users to explore the benefits of Power Schedules and see its positive impact on their AI development.

For any questions or to get started with Power Schedules, please get in touch with our support team. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance Hystax OptScale for your MLOps needs.

Hystax OptScale offers a FinOps platform for any cloud workloads and MLOps functionality for ML/AI teams that are fully available under Apache 2.0 on GitHub → https://github.com/hystax/optscale

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