Hystax Acura 3.3 Has Been Released with a Mission to Accelerate
our Partners and Customers Success in Cloud Transformation

Hystax is constantly expanding software capabilities and customer experience and is pleased to announce Hystax Acura 3.3 release.

New Hystax Acura 3.3 features give greater opportunities for our partners and customers to make cloud migration and disaster recovery more automated, flexible, secure and to keep the digital transformation process under 100% control.

Hystax Acura 3.3 release notes

1. Fully-automated failback to Flexible Engine and OpenStack clouds

Hystax increases the rate of cloud adoption and implements a new feature, which allows our DR customers and partners to perform fully-automated Failback to Flexible Engine and OpenStack clouds. Fully automated failback gives customers an opportunity to switch from a failover site to a source platform in a straightforward and automated way.

2. Replication to multiple target clouds

At present our partners obtain an option to manage the replication process to multiple target clouds for their customers. This new opportunity gives Managed Service Providers more flexibility in driving DR and cloud migration projects.

Acura 3.3 multiple cloud

3. Multiple endpoints

Hystax Acura 3.3 provides our partners with multiple endpoints, which allow to implement complex networking schemas for security improvement, ensuring total networking isolation between different customers using designated proxies/VPN connections for each customer.

4. Reports on DR/Migration license consumption

Hystax Acura 3.3 enables our partners and customers to generate sophisticated reports on DR/Migration license consumption, which provide companies with full payment transparency.

Acura 3.3 MSP Disaster Recovery report

5. Replication agents improvements

Replication agents improvements enable MSPs and end customers to analyse the full replication process and identify bottleneck. The analysis results help companies to make necessary improvements for the replication process performance.

About Hystax

Hystax delivers hybrid cloud management platform with a focus on IT budget control, smart cloud migration and IT Resilience. The company has a strong presence on the cloud migration and disaster recovery market with Telecoms, cloud service providers and managed service providers as target customers and partners.

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