Hystax Acura 3.7 has been released

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The recent Hystax Acura update enables our partners and end customers to build more smooth cloud migration to VMware, increases security and ensures better user experience. Hystax Acura 3.7 release includes a major update – vCloud Director support and a number of non-critical UX improvements based on the feedback from our partners and customers.

Hystax constantly improves its products and solutions in order to provide users with the most up-to-date features and capabilities and fuels FinOps adoption and digital transformation.

Hystax Acura 3.7

Hystax Acura 3.7 release notes:

vCloud Director support

With the new release we bring in the vCloud Director support, thus during the failover process machines are registered in vCloud Director and can be assigned with the specific vCloud networks and storage policies.

Automatically getting networks from the following target clouds - VMware, OpenStack, Flexible Engine, AWS, MS Azure

Previously our customers had to paste or enter network specifications for a failover machine and DR and Migration plans manually. To improve the user-experience, we’ve implemented the way to pick the networks for the failover instances from the list we get directly from the cloud.

Introduction of TLS encryption support for SMTP settings

SMTP settings have been updated with the TLS encryption support to fit the customers requests

‘We are always aware of our customers’ and partners’ requests and aims, and it fuels our product development. The recent release of Hystax Acura has introduced vCloud Director support and other minor improvements,’ – said Nick Smirnov, CEO and Co-Founder, Hystax.

Hystax globally offers cloud migration, disaster recovery and FinOps enablement to the market through partnership networks with leading cloud and managed service providers. With a set of new delivered features and capabilities Hystax makes clouds even more affordable and reliable.

Find all Hystax Acura’s features and capabilities here: https://docs.hystax.com or contact us to schedule a free demo at [email protected]

Nick Smirnov, CEO and Co-Founder

Nick Smirnov, FinOps and digital transformation enthusiast, CEO at Hystax