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Hystax is announced new partnership to accelerate cloud adoption for AI-enabled applications

Hystax, a global leader in cross-cloud disaster recovery and cloud migration, and Intento, who helps enterprises to procure and deploy multi-cloud AI solutions with its AI Hub platform, just announced a partnership agreement to enhance cloud migration projects in the age of artificial intelligence.

As a result of this new partnership, Hystax can assist customers in moving all workloads, including ones that use AI-as-a-Service from top Cloud Providers, through fully-automated means without any data loss and production stoppage, using a AI vendor agnostic Intento AI Hub. The solution provides companies with enterprise-grade, consistent replication from any source to target cloud platform. It also delivers a fully managed migration process, orchestrated launch, an unlimited number of test migrations and a predictable cutover.

We are very excited to be working with Intento,” said Nick Smirnov, CEO at Hystax. “Cloud cost analytics and management, full cloud spend transparency across AI-enabled applications and smart migration process make the cloud reliable and affordable for digital transformation with AI services. 

Hystax simultaneously enables companies, utilizing Intento AI Hub, to project their expenses on other public clouds and to avoid issues of vendor lock-in through use of a reliable cloud migration solution. Hystax’s multi-cloud cost governance and application inventory software ensures smart cost optimization scenarios to break down cloud costs and build an effective IT infrastructure.

Modern customizable AI as a Service offerings from Google, Microsoft and Amazon often require a client to keep their data in a specific object storage, which complicates hybrid, multi-cloud solutions we build for our clients. At the same time, AI-enabled applications often have strings attached to AIaaS from a specific cloud provider, making the cross-cloud migration harder.” adds Konstantin Savenkov, CEO at Intento. “Together with Hystax we cut this tie, making modern AI-enabled applications cloud-agnostic.

Hystax and Intento help companies to evaluate the options for moving their AI-enabled apps to another cloud and provide customers with a smart and seamless cloud migration process.

About Intento

Intento helps global companies procure and utilize the best-fit cognitive AI services. Intento AI Hub connects AI models trained on multiple platforms (such as Amazon, Google AutoML, or Microsoft Cognitive Services) with many enterprise software systems. Launched in 2017, Intento recently received a U.S. patent for its core platform and works with global technology, retail, and travel companies, augmenting their Localization, Content Management, Customer Support, and Marketing Operations with AI.
[email protected] | www.inten.to

About Hystax

Hystax, a leader in cross-cloud disaster recovery and cloud migration, has recently introduced a multi-cloud cost governance platform that helps customers control their spends on each pipeline, job and single run. The company has migrated over 80,000 machines and has protected over 5,000 of them from disaster for global companies with a focus on telcos, cloud service providers and managed service providers.
+1 628 251-1280 | [email protected] | www.hystax.com

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