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Hystax partnered with Securotix to strengthen the partner network on the Middle East market

Hystax is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Securotix, a Cyber Security Value Added Distributor, for the Middle East region.

Hystax, as an innovative cloud management platform, enables Securotix channel partners and end customers to eliminate all disaster recovery and cloud migration challenges with an industry-leading solution Hystax Acura. The unique fully-automated software, with enterprise grade security, is designed to make any-to-any migrations, in a simple and predictable way. All the business processes are executed without disruption and compromising on performance, and within a minimal maintenance period. Full data integrity and no data loss at any stage of migration are provided with consistent background replication that keeps up business continuity within the native cloud infrastructure.

Hystax provides medium, large and enterprise customers with the unique opportunity to:

  • Provide cloud backup and preserve IT resilience
  • Get best-in-class RPO and RTO
  • Replicate to multiple target clouds
  • Support any public and private clouds, including KVM, and on-premises machines
  • Migrate workloads in real-time without stoppage of production, along with highly automated orchestration
  • Take cloud cost governance and control of your multicloud budget and resource provisioning

‘We are happy to see our gaining momentum partnership on the Mid East market in the era of digital transformation and economic viability. Our strategic distribution collaboration with Securotix is aimed at intensifying business potential of companies in a straightforward way and ensuring IT Resilience with minimal value of RPO and RTO. Securotix has a strong vision and they are real experts in the field,’ said Nick Smirnov, CEO at Hystax.

‘Building the business case using value drivers like agility, Operational Resilience, staff productivity, risk management, data loss, and Cost Savings is a great challenge CTOs are facing today. To address this, Hystax unraveled it’s Unique and innovative cloud management platform that eliminates all disaster recovery and cloud migration challenges with its industry-leading solution Hystax Acura,’ said Zuber Syed, CEO at Securotix Networks.

About Securotix

Securotix Networks is a next-generation Value-added distributor offering Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Security, Robotic Process Automation, and network Infrastructure solutions across the Middle East.
Securotix Vendor Augmentation Platform serves as Vendor’s representatives in regional markets, rendering their Channel Partners and End Customers a Panoramic service offering. Their custom-built business platform offers solutions explicit to demand, opportunity stage, and market conditions. Securotix Channel ecosystem consists of 200+ Channel Partners across the GCC, specializing in different ICT domains.
Tel.: +971 4 235 3299
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.securotix.com

About Hystax

Hystax, a progressively fast-growing company, was founded in 2016 by a seasoned team of entrepreneurs and engineers with the goal of ‘transforming clouds into a commodity’. As an innovative hybrid cloud management platform, Hystax is well-known for its fully-automated, market leading cloud migration solution, Hystax Acura, which enables businesses to migrate quickly, and securely from any source site to any target cloud. Ever-evolving, Hystax has integrated a unique cost-effective product combining all of Hystax Acura’s capabilities, together with a strong focus on full IT budget control, hybrid workload provisioning. Tel.: +1.628 251-1280 Email: [email protected] Website: www.hystax.com
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