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Hystax visited IBC2018 show and confirmed a great demand of Live Cloud Migration and Disaster Recovery for broadcasting companies

Hystax‘s visit of the IBC2018 Show allowed to confirm customer demand of cloud migration and Disaster Recovery, growing cloud adoption of the information technology industry.

International Broadcasting Convention, known as IBC, is an annual show held in September in Amsterdam. IBC is one of the most influential media, entertainment & technology event in the world. IBC Show is a perfect space to introduce new products and services.

While applying hybrid cloud strategy or building Disaster Recovery solutions, many companies face with such challenges of migration and Disaster Recovery as complexity, privacy and security requirements, lack of confidence and control over the migration process, unpredictable downtime and performance impact, cost of migration solutions and lack of expertise in migration, risk of instability or portability. Hystax Acura Live Migration seek to address those challenges.

Due to these challenges Nick Smirnov, CEO and Edwin Kuss, Director, Sales at Hystax presented Hystax Acura Live Migration at the IBC2018 exhibition.

Hystax Acura Live Migration – a fully-automated live cloud migration solution, that provides businesses with a simple and efficient migration of any types of workloads to any target cloud platform, helping companies to reduce TCO by cost-effective solution.

Hystax Acura Live Migration consistently replicates production workloads and sends deltas to a target platform in a deduplicated and WAN-optimized manner. As soon as full replicas are on the target site, business application can be spun up in an orchestrated manner.

Hystax Acura Live Migration provides customers with

  • Live background replication of production workloads
  • Agentless migration without data loss in minutes
  • Testing and configuration of migrated site before making it primary
  • Isolated solution infrastructure for customer security
  • Cost-effective migration process.

Hystax is a Cloud Migration and Disaster Recovery company focusing on consistent replication of IT workloads and providing live migration and Best-In-Class Disaster Recovery. The company was created with a mission to make a journey to the cloud and between clouds a simple and straightforward process.

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