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Cloud Solutions for Managed Service Providers and Integrators

Put an industry leading and truly unique Hybrid Cloud Management Platform, Cloud Migration and Disaster Recovery products to your portfolio

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“Silver Lining Systems is very pleased to partner with Hystax since our two companies share the common goal of providing cost-effective solutions to our customers through automation. Leveraging Hystax technologies, we’ve been able eliminate most of the manual tasks to de-risk and accelerate customer migrations to our cloud infrastructure (months to weeks) while achieving higher customer satisfaction, reduction in migration costs and earlier revenue capture.” 

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Adrian Ma, COO

Provide customers with comprehensive cloud services

Choose fully-automated and easy to use solution to extend your market outreach

Empower digital transformation projects with migration, DR and IT budget optimization services

Live Cloud Migration as a Service

Expand your product catalog and provide end customers with live cloud migration from any source platform to ensure greater scalability and flexibility of IT infrastructure. Read more>

Provide a wide variety of services and handle different types of projects with multi-tenancy portal
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Build Disaster Recovery as a Service

Provide your customers with sophisticated DR services with best-in-class RTO and RPO values. Help companies to keep IT workloads and business applications resilient. Read more>

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Hybrid Cloud Management Platform for MSPs and Integrators

Hystax offers budget-focused hybrid cloud management and multi-cloud arbitrage platform to minimize waste of total cloud spends, vendor lock-in and lack of IT environment elasticity. Provide your customers with unique services based on Hystax Hybrid Cloud Management Platform. Read more>

“Hystax assisted us on all stages of migration and did beyond of what was initially planned by customizing replication process to mitigate obstacles. We were extremely happy to work with Hystax!”

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Innovative cloud products for Integrators

Realize the most sophisticated digital transformation projects based on unique and fully-automated Hystax products. Easy to use software supports all source platforms including OpenStack, KVM, and bare metal. Read more>

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