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The FinOps adopters’ stories that make you get inspired

Despite the fact that FinOps is a relatively new approach to cloud management there is a wide range of FinOps adopters among SMB and enterprise companies. All of them have started their journey with an aim to get the most out of cloud adoption.

Big names among FinOps adopters

You can easily recognize such big names among FinOps adopters: Airbnb, PayPal, Starbucks, The New Your Times, Twitter, Yelp, Shopify, Atlassian, NBCUniversal, etc.

The FinOps adopters' stories that make you get inspired

 They are representatives of various industries, and they offer absolutely different services to their customers but all of them choose implementation of FinOps principles in order to provide the best services and ensure cost-efficiency of IT spends. Cost visibility and control, cloud bill reduction and reasonable consumption of cloud resources are the main goals of the majority of IT teams among small companies and corporations.

Needless to say that cloud vendors such as Amazon Web Services, VMware, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft are a giant part of the FinOps community. Offering exceptional services to their customers, they also give instruments to implement FinOps in your company – CloudHealth (by VMware), AWS Cost Explorer and Azure Cost Management. Using cloud-native solutions and your internal resources you can create an efficient cloud infrastructure.

Success stories of FinOps adopters

Experience of different companies proves that it is possible to:

FinOps is an ongoing process

The key to success doesn’t depend on the size of your company, industry or budgets spent on cloud services. Starting implementation of these simple FinOps principles that we’ve covered earlier (Visibility, Control, Collaboration, Cloud Cost Optimization) you’ll definitely optimize your spends, create a more agile workflow and improve governance. 

A huge range of available free and paid solutions make it affordable and possible. Don’t try to copy strategies of other companies mentioned above. You should consider and take into account best practices but remember the fact that there is no universal solution and FinOps is not a one day task. It’s a process of close collaboration among different teams who are not used to working together and sometimes don’t fully understand each other’s needs.

If you have already reached your cloud optimization goals, feel free to share your story with us and join the ‘FinOps in practice’ community on LinkedIn.

Nick Smirnov, CEO and Co-Founder

Nick Smirnov, FinOps and digital transformation enthusiast, CEO at Hystax

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