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Canonical partners with Hystax to provide customers with cloud migration software to OpenStack

Hystax is pleased to announce a cloud migration partnership with Canonical, a leading computer software company with over 500 employees in more than 30 countries, that markets support and related services for Ubuntu.

Canonical believes in the value of open source software and is committed to OpenStack. Canonical’s Charmed OpenStack provides a powerful and reliable OpenStack technology on Ubuntu, which is the most popular platform for OpenStack deployments.

Canonical recommends Hystax as a top migration partner when customers move their workloads and business applications to OpenStack.

Hystax Acura enables customers to migrate to Canonical’s Charmed OpenStack in a fully automated and predictable way from any source platform – VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Amazon Web Services, Oracle Cloud, KVM, Bare Metal.

At present, companies migrate their workloads to OpenStack environment mainly for the following reasons:

better orchestration and more control over their infrastructure
significant cost reduction, switching from CAPEX to OPEX cost models
avoiding cloud vendor lock-in
improvement of infrastructure flexibility
Hystax provides customers with smart and fully automated migration software with an unlimited number of test migrations. Live migration processes enables companies to switch across to OpenStack platform without any downtime or data loss. Hystax Acura replicates IT workloads in an isolated way that conforms to enterprise security standards.

Hystax Acura maintains network configurations for OpenStack deployment, and companies continue to run in their infrastructure until migration is complete.

Hystax implements a smart and sophisticated approach to moving to Canonical’s Charmed OpenStack platform, which enables companies to reduce costs, improve infrastructure flexibility, increase IT service delivery and avoid vendor lock-in.

About Canonical
Canonical, a UK based company founded in 2004 with staff in more than 30 countries, was created alongside Ubuntu to help it reach a wider market. Canonical’s services help governments and businesses the world over with migrations, management and support for Ubuntu deployments.

About Hystax
Hystax delivers hybrid cloud management platform with a focus on IT budget control, smart cloud migration and IT Resilience. The company has a strong presence on the cloud migration and disaster recovery market with Telecoms, cloud service providers and managed service providers as target customers and partners.

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