Hystax Acura 3.4 has been released with stability and performance enhancements

Hystax Acura 3.4 release includes general stability and performance enhancements that were designed to provide our customers with best-in-class software to be successful. Hystax team is continually expanding our product features and capabilities to be in accordance with advanced cloud migration and disaster recovery trends.

We’ve updated algorithms to make VMware deployment even more smooth. Smart and flexible orchestration allows MSPs to launch a deployment process in a fully-automated way. Hystax Acura 3.4 is available now with an increased replication speed, improved users experience, updated Acura UI notifications system and replication agents enhancements.

Hystax Acura 3.4 release notes

1. VMware deployment on a target site improvements

  • Hystax Acura 3.4 can be deployed on VMware clusters (ESXis 5.5+)
  • Handling of extending disks on VMware source machines
  • Improved failovers on VMware
  • Failback from VMware to VMware, OpenStack or Flexible Engine cloud
  • Image download of protected machines

2. Sophisticated enhancements in replication agent notification

All error messages from agents now appear under “Events” in Hystax Acura UI, such alerts enable users to identify the root cause of agent failure.

3. An ability to launch a single cloud agent for each target cloud

Replication agent improvements enable MSPs to make required agent settings and use them for all customers of the same target cloud.

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About Hystax

Hystax delivers hybrid cloud management platform with a focus on IT budget control, smart cloud migration and IT Resilience. The company has a strong presence on the cloud migration and disaster recovery market with Telecoms, cloud service providers and managed service providers as target customers and partners.

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