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Hystax Acura 3.5 - The recent release to enhance disaster recovery and cloud migration capabilities

Hystax, a leader in cloud migration and cross-cloud disaster recovery today announced the general availability of Hystax Acura 3.5  – a fully automated and cloud native migration and DR software. Being 100% partner-centric, Hystax is the only vendor who offers its partners a fully multi-tenant and white-label capable customer portal with billing to provide their customers with DRaaS and Migration – aaS out of the box. 

Built with top of mind reliability, cost-effectiveness and security, Hystax Acura is designed to prevent the risk of data loss during cloud transformation projects.

This is a new features and improvements set:

  • Auto-update of internal replication agents

All deployed internal agents will be auto-updated to the recent version after the cluster update.

  • Auto-unparking of machines with failed replication for the DR case

In case of failed replications all machines will be auto-unparked in 10 minutes and the consistent replication will be continued in a background manner, without affecting the production. 

  • Support of RHEL/CentOS 8.x 

Support of RHEL/CentOS 8.x is included in our compatibility matrix because of numerous feature requests and to keep the software up-to-date. 

  • Basic (UI) mode for disaster recovery plans for Hystax Acura with VMware target cloud

Efficient and simple way to create and edit disaster recovery plans with VMware as a target cloud without using JSON format.

  • Automatic Hystax Acura license consumption reporting

A refined system of license consumption reporting eliminates the need to create such reports manually on a monthly basis and makes the consumption of licenses a more transparent process.

  • SMTP server configuration via Hystax Acura UI

A new opportunity to set all notifications about major or small events and errors using the customer’s own SMTP server for more convenient internal processes when it’s required.

‘Noticing the ever-growing demand for cloud migration and reliable disaster recovery we are constantly developing our software, adding support of new distributions, updating replication processes and simplifying the UI. This is why our partners and end customers can benefit from data accessibility, retention and visibility, and choose the data protection solution that best fits their needs, while also saving money,’ – said Nick Smirnov, CEO and Co-Founder, Hystax.

Find all Hystax Acura’s features and capabilities here: https://docs.hystax.com or contact us to schedule a free demo at [email protected]

Nick Smirnov, CEO and Co-Founder

Nick Smirnov, CEO at Hystax

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