New Disaster Recovery as a Service solution offers VMware users multiple cloud platform choices for a Disaster Recovery site, including KVM, Hyper-V, OpenStack and LXD


Hystax, a provider of Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and Backup software and services, has announced the first release of its Hystax Acura Disaster Recovery product. With Hystax Acura, medium-sized and enterprise customers can expect data consistency and zero RPO with instant business application recovery in case of a disaster.

Hystax Acura enables customers to build a disaster recovery site for their VMware infrastructure on virtually any cloud platform, including KVM, OpenStack or Hyper-V. Running the production environment on VMware while having an open choice of the platform for secondary site lets customers exercise a balanced approach to reliability, performance and cost of the IT infrastructure.

A distinctive feature of Hystax Acura is its Double Protection that merges into one solution Active-Active cross-hypervisor protection for lossless application failovers and Active-Passive protection for more traditional DR scenarios.

An Acura-based disaster recovery site can be deployed in two ways: as an on-premise installation or a cloud-based Disaster Recovery SaaS. The on-premise setup is perfect for customers who have the capacity to allocate a dedicated DR site and need to possess exclusive control of their data and hardware. On the other hand, the cloud-based option significantly reduces TCO of a DR site and can be located in a datacenter managed by one of Hystax partners or use the resources of any cloud provider.

“Hystax makes using heterogeneous disaster recovery sites easy for enterprise customers. With Hystax Acura, a workload running on VMware production environment can failover without data loss to a DR site running on KVM, Hyper-V, OpenStack or LXD, which helps businesses have flexible and cost effective Disaster Recovery strategy,” said Nickolay Smirnov, chief executive officer at Hystax. “With the Double Protection feature, Acura is bridging the traditional divergence of high availability and disaster recovery solutions, offering both in one product.”

Active-Active and Active-Passive Disaster Recovery = Double Protection

Hystax Acura has pioneered cross-hypervisor Active-Active Disaster Recovery technology. It provides zero RPO with near-zero RTO and allows to perform failovers without data loss. The technology is based on multi-zone synchronous storage replication. The feature is important to enterprises businesses with RPO targets of less than 15 minutes and zero data loss tolerance.

Active-Passive Disaster Recovery provides a consistent state of business applications with RPO configurable between 15 minutes and 3 hours and a near-zero RTO. This type of protection suits medium-sized companies and enterprises that want protection from a variety of disasters, including virus attacks and human errors, but do not see zero RPO as critical.

Using both types of protection simultaneously grants zero RPO combined with the snapshots capability, giving companies an all-round protection from disasters and eliminating the risk of data loss.

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