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Hystax extends partnership network around the globe

Hystax, the global leader in cloud migration and disaster recovery software, is proud to announce two new strategic partnership agreements with Valiant Technology, a New York-based Managed IT Service Provider and Korea Cyber Tech Inc. located in Seoul, South Korea. Together, these partnerships offer superior performance and unparalleled expertise to help our customers successfully execute the most complicated IT transformation projects and achieve their cloud goals.

One of the greater challenges Managed Service Providers face is the mainstream adoption of cloud computing. As more of their customers’ IT infrastructure components are migrated to the cloud, they must find new ways to manage hybrid cloud environments. Hystax offers exceptional partner programs to meet all flexible cloud migration and disaster recovery requirements. The unique collaboration between these companies and Hystax’s unique hybrid cloud management platform, cloud migration, and disaster recovery products open limitless opportunities for innovation and simplify digital transformation projects.

Hystax Acura provides:

  • Fully-automated cloud migration and disaster recovery
  • Simple integration with partner billing and PSA systems
  • Best-in-class RPO and RTO values
  • Multi-tenant self-service customer portal and simple rebranding
  • Support of public and private clouds, KVMs, and physical machines

“It’s our strategic goal to expand partner network across the globe. Together with Korea Cyber Tech and Valiant Technology we prove global demands to cutting-edge cloud technologies. The joint solutions facilitate positive outcomes in any cloud transformation process,” said Nick Smirnov, CEO at Hystax.

About Valiant Technology
Valiant Technology is an award-winning Managed IT Services Provider located in New York with a mission to work closely with organizations at all levels to gain a deep understanding of their unique challenges and implement people-first technology solutions to enable growth.
[email protected]

About Korea Cyber Tech
Korea Cyber Tech provides businesses with world-class high availability disaster recovery and backup solutions in physical, virtual, and cloud environments. More than 20 years of professional experience in one field made Korea Cyber Tech a reliable and trustful consulting company among 2,500 domestic suppliers.

About Hystax
Hystax delivers hybrid cloud management platform with a focus on IT budget control, smart cloud migration, and IT Resilience. The company has a strong presence on the cloud migration and DR market with Telecoms, Cloud Service Providers, and MSPs as target customers and partners.
[email protected]

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