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Hystax and MIS3 Inc. have entered into a strategic partnership to bring together their respective strengths and expand their markets

Hystax and Managing Information Systems 3 Inc. (MIS3 Inc.) have recently entered into an agreement to jointly accelerate business transformation through IT modernization with a focus on the US region. MIS3 Inc. is Canadian managed service provider with headquarters in Toronto, ON and offices across North America helping their clients find new and emerging IT technologies that will help them improve their business.

‘Hystax and MIS3 Inc joined forces to deliver great digital experience in any environment with flexibility and speed across any cloud infrastructure, including public, private, hybrid and multi-clouds,’ said Nick Smirnov, CEO at Hystax. 

Hystax helps its partners to speed up an onboarding process for end customers with a one step integration and a simple synchronization with current management systems and offers multi-tenant rebrandable user interface to migrate or protect hundreds of customers with a single deployment.

Firstly, this partnership is focused on two cloud adoption areas:

  1. Cloud migration with cutting-edge application and OS agnostic software, which helps move all types of workloads to any cloud environment quickly and effortlessly
  2. Award-winning disaster recovery with best-in-class RPO and RTO values

Using Hystax Acura, MIS3 Inc  as an MSP enables the deployment of applications in any environment across any infrastructure, from traditional data centers to multiple clouds, including private and public that significantly ease work with digital transformation projects.

About MIS3 Inc

Managing Information Systems 3 Inc. is a business consulting and technology partner focused on computer systems consisting of hardware and software that serve as the backbone of an organization’s operations.

+1 647 209-3303 | [email protected] | www.mis3.ca

About Hystax

Hystax is a leader in FinOps enablement, cross-cloud disaster recovery and cloud migration. The company has migrated over 80,000 machines and has protected over 5,000 of them from disaster for global companies with a focus on telcos, cloud service providers and managed service providers.

+1 628 251-1280 | [email protected] | www.hystax.com

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