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Hystax expands channel ecosystem in Europe and Asia to promote disruptive cloud migration and disaster recovery solutions

Hystax today announced new collaborative agreements that key companies will use to build more solid IT environments. Hystax will contribute to the development of their IT services by offering partner-centric cloud migration, disaster recovery and multi-cloud cost governance solutions.

Hystax’s new partnerships are with well established and actively developing companies, including The Abstract HubBrontobyte CloudEasyDataHost and Netwitz.

“Embracing cloud is a continuous and challenging journey. Modern cloud governance provides directions that position the companies to circumvent risk and minimize the cost. We are excited and happy about our new partnership with Hystax that provides scalable and robust live cloud migration and disaster recovery solutions as this will provide an end to end solution, performance satisfaction to our customers and strengthen our position in Asia Pacific Region,” said Mr. Glenn Escarayan, Founder, The Abstract Hub.

Hystax helps its partners accelerate sales by offering a software-based solution for migration to the cloud and developing Disaster Recovery as a Service. The fully-automated solution supports all target and source platforms. It helps to implement any cloud migration strategy to modernize IT infrastructure and meet the constantly changing needs of its end customers. These successful collaborations are aimed to fuel a new wave of innovation around cloud technologies and services.

“We are happy to accelerate cloud technology adoption to help our partners meet customer needs. The global partnership network allows us to deliver our products to end-users from various continents. By combining our technologies with the great experience of our strategic partners, we can significantly increase the efficiency of IT departments all over the world,” said Nick Smirnov, CEO and Co-Founder, Hystax.

About The Abstract Hub

The Abstract Hub is an ambitious Managed Service Provider with a mission to share great experience and knowledge of cloud technology into secure and tensile solutions with its customers to make their business even more efficient.
+63 (0) 9613846636 | [email protected] | www.theabstracthub.com

About Netwitz

Netwitz has extensive experience in designing, implementing, deploying and supporting IT infrastructure and bridges the gap between business and technology. The company helps end customers with cloud and infrastructure services, security, data center setup and data analysis.
+603 2246 6126 | [email protected] | www.netwitz.com.my

About Brontobyte Cloud

A team of professionals with over 25 years of experience working in the IT world, with deep expertise in the field of cybersecurity and cloud solutions. Brontobyte Cloud’s primary goal is to meet customers’ needs, whether it’s on-premises or cloud computing, with a guarantee of uncompromised security on data, systems and networks.
+34 872 580 071 | [email protected] | www.brontobytecloud.com

About EasyDataHost

EasyDataHost is a well-recognized Spanish company offering cutting edge technologies and services including cloud storage and cloud backup solutions. High-performance services allow EasyDataHost’s customers to ensure IT resilience and business continuity and focus on the core business aims.
+ (34) 910058179 | www.easydatahost.com

About Hystax

Hystax, a leader in cross-cloud disaster recovery and cloud migration, has recently introduced a multi-cloud cost governance platform that helps customers control their spends on each pipeline, job and single run. The company has migrated over 80,000 machines and has protected over 5,000 of them from disaster for global companies with a focus on telcos, cloud service providers and managed service providers.
+1 628 251-1280 | [email protected] | www.hystax.com

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