Combined solution of Hystax, Canonical, Red Hat and Dell EMC for cloud migration and Disaster Recovery use cases are available for PoCs and demonstrations

Hystax, a live cloud migration and Disaster Recovery company, became a part of the e-shelter innovation lab with Hystax Acura Solution providing customers with an efficient cloud migration and Disaster Recovery solution. The company was created with a mission to make a journey to the cloud and between clouds a simple and straightforward process. Combined with technologies of Red Hat, Canonical and Dell EMC, Hystax built a ready-to-use DR and migration cloud solution available for instant Proof of Concepts and complex demonstrations.

Combined with cloud solutions from Canonical, Red Hat and Dell EMC Hystax leverages Cloud Migration and Disaster Recovery use cases in Frankfurt location of the e-shelter innovation lab.

Hystax Acura Cloud Migration and Disaster Recovery provides:

  • Simple and straightforward way to migrate business applications to a data- center or cloud
  • No vendor lock-in on VMware products
  • Replica of business application on a remote site with minimum RPO and RTO
  • Cost-effectiveness of Disaster Recovery and Migration

Combined solution for Cloud Migration

Hystax Acura Live Migration provides businesses with a simple, efficient, fully automated and live migration of any types of workloads to any target cloud platform, helping companies to reduce TCO by cost-effective solution.
Hystax Acura Live Migration consistently replicates production workloads and sends deltas to a target platform in a deduplicated and WAN-optimized manner. As soon as full replicas are on the target site, business application can be spun up in an orchestrated manner.

Hystax Acura Live Migration provides automated live migration from any source and target platform – VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, OpenStack, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Oracle Cloud, KVM, Bare Metal

Customer values:

  • Live background replication of production workloads
  • Agentless migration without data loss in minutes
  • Testing and configuration of migrated site before making it primary
  • Isolated solution infrastructure for customer security
  • Cost-effective migration process

Combined solution for Disaster Recovery

Hystax Acura Disaster Recovery is available for end customers and partners in a form of Disaster Recovery as a Service platform, On-premise Disaster Recovery and Cloud Backup solution.
Disaster Recovery Solution helps companies to take care of their IT Resilience and Business Continuity.

Customer values:

  • AWS, MS Azure, Alibaba Cloud andOpenStack / KVM are supported as on a Disaster Recovery site
  • Instant business application recovery and no vendor lock-in on VMware technologies
  • On-premise and cloud disaster recovery
  • External and internal replication agents, orchestrated failover

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