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Hystax support policies

Hystax support policies

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At Hystax, we are committed to providing timely support services to our customers. We provide support services to assist our customers with technical queries, licensing information, and issues regarding Hystax products. English is the primary language of support. For assistance, you can either browse through our online resources or create a support case through Hystax Support Portal. In case the customer cannot provide direct access to the Hystax installation (via VPN or directly to the installation) for troubleshooting purposes, a remote session is requested by the Support Team. Before arranging the session Hystax Support Team demands all diagnostic information from the customer, including debugging logs, the output of standard service commands, etc., to assign a necessary engineer for the session. The customer must provide remote control to the Hystax engineer during this session to interact with the system. The session is scheduled beforehand and only in case of all the requested information is provided. During the session, the engineer troubleshoots the issue, described in the support request and does not consult the customer regarding additional questions he might have – a separate ticket must be created. One session duration is limited to 30 minutes. If an additional session is required, it’s coordinated separately with the Support Team.

Hystax support service offerings

(Support portal and telephone support of tier 1 is provided by Hystax Regional Partner)

Hystax Support offers Business Critical Support. Each issue is unique and carries a different set of complexities and challenges. Hystax Support will make all reasonable efforts to provide a response within the assigned time frame. The following table gives a brief overview of Business Critical Support services.

Support type Business critical support Business critical support
Priority Initial Follow up
2 hours 8 hours
4 hours 16 hours
1 business day 3 business days
3 business days 1 week

Priority levels

You or a Hystax support engineer can specify the priority of the service request. The following table provides guidelines about the priority definitions:

Priority Description
A business critical software component or a Hystax managed system is inoperable or unavailable; production system is down; or there is an emergency condition. Requires an immediate workaround or solution.
Adversely impacting Production operations, but the production system is not down; product operates, but is seriously restricted.
A non-production issue; the majority of functions are still usable, a limited condition that can be readily circumvented.
Minor issue or question that does not affect the product function, and can be readily circumvented. For example: “How to” questions; the text of a message, or page of documentation is worded poorly or misspelled, General Feedback.

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Support Portal features

Hystax Support Portal provides time-saving tools to solve problems, answer questions, share documentation, and create a case. Hystax provides the following online support services.


Search for solutions and technical documents that contain information about common problems and steps to resolve the issues. Notifications about releases are also available on Knowledge.

Create and track a case

Create, update, manage, and track your case online. For more information, see Case Submission.

How to get Support?

General information

You can contact Hystax Technical Support in the following ways:
1. Support Portal
2. Email to [email protected]

Support Portal

By logging in to the Hystax Support Portal at https://support.hystax.com, you can submit a case. You can also browse the Hystax Knowledge and Forums to engage with the Hystax experts.

Information to be provided during case submission

While resolving your case, the support engineer will request you to provide essential information or perform specific tasks. Following are the tasks that you might have to perform:
  • Provide clear description and system information while reporting an issue.
  • Provide specific logs from the system and perform tests to generate debug logs.
  • Involve networking, database, or other technology-specific administrators to help troubleshoot the issue.
  • Involve relevant third-party software vendors or hardware vendors wherever required. For example, operating system vendors and database vendors.
  • Hystax business hours

    Hystax Inc. offices operate in different time zones and business hours cover 8am-9pm CET time zone.


    https://support.hystax.com | [email protected]
    Phone: +16282511280
    Address: 1250 Borregas Avenue Sunnyvale, CA 94089

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