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Smooth integrations for
Test Environment Management

Get a single, accurate place for viewing, planning and managing your R&D process and test environments across multiple teams and projects

OptScale is designed to enhance the сooperation of engineers and finance professionals, ease R&D processes and engage the whole team in FinOps & cost optimization. OptScale covers any set of tools to meet needs of both departments.

OptScale plugs into any toolchain

Quick plug into any toolchain


Scheduled environment usage

Full historical deployment data

Full historical deployment data


Real-life notifications and updates

Scheduled environment usage with OptScale

Slack & OptScale for booking and scheduling an IT environment

Integration of OptScale and Slack allows to schedule and book IT environment usage, establish effective resource lifecycle management. Scheduled resource utilization is ideal for distributed teams – book clusters, VMs or any other resources and forget all the complexities and conflicts. Get real-time notifications associated with environment usage, updates, availability, deployments, TTLs or budget constraints in Slack.

Real-life notifications and updates

Atlassian Jira & OptScale for detailed environment information

OptScale gets detailed information regarding environment metrics and synchronizes it with Jira. Assign the exact test environment to any task to speed up an R&D or a QA flow. Environment version, necessity of updates, availability, release and deployment information are displayed in a Jira ticket to save your time and prevent mistakes.


Jenkins & OptScale for tracking all the deployments

Export or update environment metrics and deployment information from your Jenkins pipelines. Retrieve the most up-to-date details about the exact environment for further usage in Jira tasks. The full history of the deployed versions will eliminate common challenges that any team might face on a daily basis.

GitHub and OptScale

GitHub & OptScale for monitoring IT environment status

OptScale can be smoothly connected to GitHub. It allows updating all environment properties to keep your R&D team informed about the IT environment state, deployed software version, etc. Get up-to-date information about environment usage and all deployments.
GitLab and OptScale

GitLab & OptScale for getting real-time information about environments

Quick GitLab and OptScale integration ensures accurate real-time information regarding an IT environment and CI/CD pipelines: its owners, availability, statuses and deployed software versions.

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Supported platforms

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FinOps and MLOps

A full description of OptScale as a FinOps and MLOps open source platform to perform multi-scenario cloud cost optimization and ensure ML/AI profiling and optimization

FinOps, cloud cost optimization and security

Discover our best practices: 

  • How to release Elastic IPs on Amazon EC2
  • Detect incorrectly stopped MS Azure VMs
  • And much more deep insights

From FinOps to proven cloud cost management & optimization strategies

This ebook covers the implementation of basic FinOps principles to shed light on alternative ways of conducting cloud cost optimization