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Build Your Own Cloud Infrastructure

Self-service solution that meets Cloud Migration, Backup and Disaster Recovery needs in a common interface and simply allows to modernize and manage IT infrastructure

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Supported Applications

Manage workloads and optimize resources

Provide cloud backup and business continuity

Control budget and provisioning

Cloud Migration for Any Business

Moving applications to a cloud gains cost certainty for application infrastructure growth, increases flexibility to respond to demand globally, and lowers the risk of application outages. Read more>

Hystax helps to meet own Cloud Migration and DR needs and provide your customers with new cloud management, migration and DR services
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Disaster Recovery and Cloud Backup Solutions

Simple and secure cloud backup with integrated Disaster Recovery and data protection solutions. Read more>

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Hybrid Cloud Management Platform for Enterprise

Get full insights into the resource utilization of your virtualized environments. Balance workloads and optimize hardware provisioning with predictive insights that help forecast capacity and costs. Read more>

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“Hystax assisted us on all stages of migration and did beyond of what was initially planned by customizing replication process to mitigate obstacles. We were extremely happy to work with Hystax!”

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