Hystax launches OptScale, an innovative cloud platform whose mission is to ensure full cloud budget transparency and cost governance

Hystax, a disruptive business continuity, disaster recovery and cloud migration company, announced a limited public beta of an innovative cloud platform that aims to provide complete cloud budget transparency and cost governance in a single pane of glass.

Over the past few years, Hystax’s engineers have been working diligently to create a platform that enables companies to significantly reduce costs, by optimizing cloud spend, and that provides cost governance and effective resource provisioning all in one single solution.

Today Hystax is excited to announce the global availability of Hystax OptScale beta, which aims to make fundamental changes in cloud budgeting. Our flagship solution is designed to prevent unpredictable cloud bills, to maintain complete control over cloud budgets and to significantly reduce spend.

Hystax Optscale, a multi-cloud cost governance platform, that enables companies of all types and sizes, to keep expenses on the cloud infrastructure under control. It effectively maps out every cent in a cloud bill, across all cloud platforms and resources utilized in the organization, to achieve full cloud cost transparency. The solution provides customers with immediate optimization scenarios, and enables the creation of a cloud resource tagging policy for any particular business unit, team or project. CI/CD jobs cost explorer helps customers to control their spends on each pipeline, job and its single run.

Hystax OptScale key pillars

  • 360° cloud budget transparency and cost governance 
  • Opportunity to map out organization units across all cloud resources
  • Cost analysis and monitoring for business units, users, and CI/CD jobs
Hystax OptScale is a cloud cost optimization platform

Our new multi-cloud cost governance platform enables customers to define IT budgets and thresholds, and to forecast cloud spending. Customers receive instant notifications and sophisticated reports to maintain complete control over all cloud bills.

Hystax’s team of experts profoundly researched customers’ needs, before building this innovative cloud management platform, focused on cloud cost governance, control and optimization, and an ideal solution to fit industry needs and trends.

Sign up for Hystax OptScale Beta and start realizing your cloud cost optimization potential today.

About Hystax

Hystax, a leader in cross-cloud disaster recovery and cloud migration, has successfully created a multi-cloud cost governance platform that aims to empower teams and enhance R&D collaboration. The company has migrated over 80,000 machines and has protected over 5,000 from disaster for companies globally with a focus on telcos, cloud service providers and managed service providers.

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