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Amount of data that a business needs to handle is so big that every piece of Enterprise Software cannot exist without clouds to scale and meet the requirements.

Public clouds do their best to address all the requirements businesses have, but in some cases they can’t fulfil all the requirements like security policies, level of access you have to instances in the cloud or the ways services work. Some enterprises prefer to have on-premise cloud to fit their needs and existing policies.

VMware and OpenStack private clouds are your best option if:

  • You need to scale and have local policies to store sensitive data in-house

  • Public clouds can’t give you a desired level of flexibility and control over resources and services

  • You want to have your own IaaS, PaaS, SaaS or XaaS solution

Hystax team will do it for you:

  • Design and architect your private cloud solution

  • Consult on choosing OpenStack distribution that best fits your needs and requirements

  • Help to choose the right license of VMware vSphere

  • Consult on hardware you need to have to have a reliable, scalable and fast solution

  • Deploy, configure and test a solution to be sure it meets all the expectations

  • Monitor and manage a solution for you

  • Train your Ops team to maintain and scale a solution

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