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Every software project consists of particular stages: first product requirements should be collected and analyzed, then solution architecture and design are prepared, then the product goes through Proof of Concept and implementation, QA, integration, deployment to release and support.

Every step is crucial for the future success and a company should pay attention to have the work done at each of these stages.

Hystax has seasoned professionals in software development and deployment / integration. Our team works with Python, C++, Go, C#, Java, Scala and can find an appropriate solution for every project.

We have a dedicated team of DevOps and Ops experts who are professionals in what solutions to use and how to configure and deploy your solution to be resilient and secure.

Technologies we are specialists in (including, but not limited to): OpenStack and Ceph, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Docker, Apache Hadoop andSpark, ELK, RabbitMQ, Memcached, Kubernetes, Etcd, Puppet, Reddis, Nagios, TICK stack, Pagerduty.

Hystax is your number one solution if:

  • You have an idea and want to go to market or at least get a Proof of Concept

  • You have scarcity of your own development resources and want to enhance your team with best-in-class experts in software development

  • Need a full-stack solution when you provide inputs on product requirements, answer questions and get a product. You don’t need to worry on where to look for engineers or how to manage a team. You can just monitor and control the process of implementation and integration and get what you dreamed about

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